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Unlock Microbial Diversity 

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Comprehensive Analysis 

DNA sequencing that identifies all life

Three different biomarker genes (16S, ITS 18S, and) are amplified to identify bacteria, fungi, and other multicellular life. Receive insights on identified beneficial organisms.

Understand your diversity

Compare the diversity of your sample to other relevant sample types

Dynamic reports

Build upon past samples.

Aggrego Data will store your sequences allowing comparison of future samples.

Individual consulting

Receive a complimentary consultation explaining each report from a world leading expert in agricultural microbial ecology  

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DALL·E 2022-09-11 22.43.11 - a green background image of DNA double helixes denaturing.png

Convenient Access to Cutting Edge Technology and Information

  • Receive a collection tube with DNA preservative preventing microbial community change and allowing room temperature shipping

  • Return shipping prepaid label envelope and provided

  • Receive a digital PDF report after analysis 




Dr. Jones interest in agricultural microbiology he sequenced vermicompost in 2014 as a side project during graduate school. He was blown away at the microbial diversity found in the sample. Since the he has a lead a research grant to further investigate the microbial ecology of vermicompost from around North America 


The goal of Aggrego Data is to provide access and understanding of modern microbial ecology to agricultural producers around the world. We want to help you answer the questions you have about your biological systems in order to promote a more sustainable world.


The core technology behind Aggrego Data is DNA sequencing and bioinformatic analysis. We sequence 3 different biomarker genes that can identify nearly all types organisms. Bioinformatics combines computer science, statistics, and ecology to to turn the ATCG's of DNA info meaningful data and figures.  


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Schedule a free consultation with the owner, Dr. Zack Jones.

  • Product sampling plans

  • Grant collaborations

  • Business marketing strategies 


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