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This analysis with identify and quantify all bacteria in your vermitea or extract (any liquid amendment) down to the genus level.


Recieve a report identifyingbeneficial plant growth promoting bacteria, potentially pathogenic organisms, and organisms that idicate low oxygen conditions. A custom excutive  summary will also be written by Dr. Jones to hightlight additional organisms of interest. 


You will be shipped a  convenient sample collection tube with DNA preservative and sterile syringe. Drop the sample(s) in the mail with the provided pre-paid return envelope. A sample questionaiire will be emailed to you to provide optional sample data. The 16S gene will be sequenced to identify and quantify bacteria. Recieve a  custom report on the microbial diversity of your sample including diversity metrics, taxanomic identification, potential organisms of interest, and a comparative statistical analysis. Your data will be storage and available for comparison to future samples. 

Liquid Bacterial Microbiome Analysis

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